Serving those who serve us!

"Thanks to all the volunteers who donated their time to the project. Thanks to all the children who contributed pictures and cards for the holidays; their efforts truely inspired me and I was reminded that desdpite being away from our home and families that we are not forgotten by people in the US.Moreover it is very satifying to know that people in the US support the sacrafices of our military personel. Its a great feeling to find such a bag of gifts placed at your door and that people care about you. Bravo Zulu to all who make Project Rudolph a success."
-HM1 Patrick Eustis, Landstuhl Germany


Each bag includes:

  • Hand decorated brown lunch bag
  • 2 hand written letters from children/youth
  • 1 hand written letter from an adult
  • 1 non-breakable, preferably flat, Christmas ornament with 'Project Rudolph' written on it. These can be hand made or purchased. For ideas on suitable ornaments, visit our Pinterest board for what meets our guidelines - Pinterest board LINK.
  • a Christmas Poem
  • some American candy
  • some Germany candy

If you can provide any of the above, please send to the following address:

Ray and Cheri Archibald
600 S Wilson
Oakley, Id 83346

Questions? Please contact us.