Serving those who serve us!

"Thank you for making sure we are remembered on Christmas. It is a lonely and angering time being away from your friends and family. It good to know we are appreciated and remembered."
-Leah Oetinger, FOB Delta, Al-Kut, Iraq


One of the most important aspects of our Project Rudolph Christmas Bags are our ornaments. These ornaments prove to be a lasting memento of the kindness, support and love of a grateful nation to our servicemen and women. In order to make sure these ornaments survive the trip from the donors hands, through our volunteers, into the bags and to the hand of our servicemen and women we have come up with a set of guidelines that we have found to be helpful.

Guidelines for ornaments

Ornaments SHOULD be:

  • flat non-breakable
  • larger than 1 inch but no larger than 5 inches across
  • sturdy and solid

Ornaments SHOULD NOT be:

  • made of foamies. (These are cheap and easy to make, but the foamies fall apart and often stick to other things around them, ruining them)
  • made of paper. (Paper ornaments are easily crushed, torn or ripped and often do not make it to our servicemen and women in one piece)
  • Contain lots of glitter. (The glitter gets all over and makes a horrible mess for volunteers to deal with when assembling bags)
  • made of pipe cleaners. (The pipe cleaners bend easily and lose their shape. There are a few exceptions to this, so please consider each ornament accordingly)
  • made of glass.
  • easily broken. (If you can drop the ornament from 4 feet and it breaks, it probably won't make it home from a war zone with a service member)
  • balls. (We often get packages of glass or plastic ball ornaments. These are difficult for the servicemen and women to carry in their pockets without breaking)

Some examples of EXCELLENT ornaments are:

  • fabric
  • wood
  • metal
  • crochet
  • knit
  • hard plastic
  • ornaments made out of old CDs or DVDs

NOTE: Many times Michaels has wonderful wooden ornaments you can buy and paint yourself, also has many ornaments that work well and they often have sales.

Please mail ornaments to the following address:

Ray and Cheri Archibald
600 S Wilson
Oakley, Id 83346

Questions? Please contact us.