Serving those who serve us!

"It was a wonderful experience for my family putting together the guardian angel bags. The children were asking questions in the process and learned what a great sacrifice it is for our troops to put their lives on the line. We wish we could personally thank each individual troop for what they are doing and putting together the guardian angel bags is a wonderful way of doing just that."
-Julie Ceccoli, Gervais, Oregon


In any ziplock or clear reclosable bag, insert the following items, attached to a piece of cardstock telling what each item is for. Then staple the top piece in place and you have a Guardian Angel Bag.

  • Smiley Face - Smiling is not only good for your face - it's good for others.
  • Glitter (Angel Dust) - To remind you to keep positive thoughts and look on the bright side.
  • Band-Aid - To soothe your hurt feelings ... and those of others.
  • Rubberband - In order to get along with each other, we must all stay flexible.
  • Sweet & Sour Candy - A reminder that differences give spice to our lives.
  • Hugs and Kisses - We all need them, and often!
  • Eraser - To keep in mind that every day we can make a fresh start.
  • Paper Clip - To help you hold things together.
  • Gum - You chews how you will face each day - do it with optimism.

I have already designed labels for each item and made the bag topper, so please e-mail me and I will send you the template. Just print out, attach item, staple on top and you are ready to cheer up an injured service member.

If you can provide Guardian Angel Bags, please send to one of the following addresses:

Tawny Campbell
CMR 402 Box 2414
APO AE 09180

Ray and Cheri Archibald
600 S Wilson
Oakley, Id 83346

Questions? Please contact us.