Serving those who serve us!

"Thank you for making sure we are remembered on Christmas. It is a lonely and angering time being away from your friends and family. It good to know we are appreciated and remembered."
-Leah Oetinger, FOB Delta, Al-Kut, Iraq


Whenever we are asked our greatest need, it is letters! To reach our goal of 15,000 bags this year we will need to collect more than 45,000 hand-written letters. Each bag will contain 2 hand written letters from children/youth, and 1 hand written letter from an adult. All letters must be reviewed before being handed out.

Guidelines for letter writing

Letters CAN:

  • Be addressed to "Dear Soldier" or "Dear Service Member"
  • Express support and appreciation
  • Include a drawing if from a child (must have name and age if the child is under the age of 10)
  • Tell about the writer's family, life, likes, etc.
  • Share personal experiences that motivate
  • Include a return address

Letters CANNOT:

  • Be dated
  • Ask any questions about war, injuries, killing, etc (Believe it or not 10% of all letters cannot be delivered because of this)
  • Be politically motivated or mention politicians or political affiliation or be overly religious or preachy
  • Be type written or a photocopy
  • Be in a sealed envelope
  • Be unsigned ... unsigned letters will not be used. You can use first or first and last name.

Please mail letters to one of the following address:

Ray and Cheri Archibald
600 S Wilson
Oakley, Id 83346

Questions? Please contact us.